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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements?

You can play BubbleHead on every Apple iPhone (all generations) or iPod touch (all generations) with 2.2 firmware or better.

What are stars for?

Each star gives you two-seconds time bonus or 100 points bonus and they are necessary in your progress to the next planet.

How to unlock next planet?

Next planet stays locked until you collect all 15 stars in each level of the previous planet.

How it counts records in Arcade?

After completing Arcade game mode, the Total Time field will appear in upper right corner of the planet choose screen. You can see overall time from all levels in Arcade. By trying any level again, you can improve your Total Time and can get higher in our charts.

How it counts records in Random?

The higher you get in Random game mode, the more points you get. And more points win our charts! Collect gold stars in your way up to get 100 extra points for each one.

Top Players


  1. Zverev (26106 pts)
  2. Nasrin-limOo-pashmalOo (24861 pts)
  3. Amir hssan (21660 pts)
  4. HenryJD (20458 pts)
  5. SebastianK619 (19288 pts)


  1. Amirmasoud nazari (00:03:14)
  2. Hoon (00:03:44)
  3. MAHROKH (00:03:47)
  4. Sed8td (00:03:48)
  5. Kevo (00:04:06)
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