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The ultimate cartoon flyer game exclusively designed for iPhone and iPod touch. Speed your way in Arcade game mode through five different planets with 25 carefully built levels featuring hundreds of crisp, painstakingly drawn obstacles. Or you can take part in the worldwide competition in the Random game mode with unique level structure whipped up fresh each time you start the game!


  • 25 unique levels to challenge in Arcade
  • Unlimited number of levels in Random
  • Hundreds of obstacles
  • Worldwide online highscores included right in the game
  • Adjustable control sensitivity
  • Automatic progress saving
  • Stunning hand-drawn cartoon graphics
  • Adorable animations and funny sounds
  • Easy to pick-up and play

Top Players


  1. Zverev (26106 pts)
  2. Nasrin-limOo-pashmalOo (24861 pts)
  3. Amir hssan (21660 pts)
  4. HenryJD (20458 pts)
  5. SebastianK619 (19288 pts)


  1. Amirmasoud nazari (00:03:14)
  2. Hoon (00:03:44)
  3. MAHROKH (00:03:47)
  4. Sed8td (00:03:48)
  5. Kevo (00:04:06)
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